Hotel Cooking Adventures

Trial the first of the great hotel cooking experiment began today. I am Macgyvering a kitchen out of hotel appliances, partly for the enjoyment of the challenge, and partly because the idea of living off nothing but fast food and bar grub for 3 straight weeks literally and figuratively sickens me.

A tour of youtube and application of some of the basic principles of cooking inspired me to try Fried Rice for a first meal. Fair warning, I said nothing about exclusively healthy eating, just variety in the diet. Not to mention, rice is hard to screw up and does not pose a giant health risk if my plans fail

Step 1: Add rice, a couple of soy sauce packets from the local panda express and some pepper into the coffeepot

Step 2: fill with approximately 2 cups of water (in retrospect, I probably could have used a little more) and run the machine for approximately 25 minutes

Step 3: enjoy a tasty meal of fried rice that cost $1.

Feedback: It may have been the cheap rice or lack of an actual oven, but the dish was just a bit undercooked. In the future, I could add additional water, stir the rice to more evenly distribute the water, or leave it on the hot plate longer.

However, for an initial attempt to make a home cooked meal with nothing more than the material available in a standard hotel room, I would count this as a success. Perhaps not a Great Ingestion, but at the least an ingenious one which I will need more of in the days to come.




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