Hotel Cooking Adventures, Part 2

Several more days of soup, salad, and sandwiches have passed, and once again I found myself craving the taste of hot food, but repulsed by the idea of forking over $20 dollars for small town bar food. No, the challenge to continue eating like a good Californian raised hippie must continue.

Yet Man cannot live on fried rice alone, despite what Panda Express may wish you to believe. So it was time to raise the bar and turn once again to my trusty hotel appliances

Having already learned that the bottom section of A Mr Coffee can be utilized for boiling water (at about 1000W of power for you science geeks!) I decided to explore how effective the steam created from that water would be. Ergo, Step 1: Load the top section with some Broccoli, like so

Step 2: fill the carafe to the top, then pour it into the water heating section and run the device. In this particular model, the cycle had to be run twice, and probably could have used even a third time, but I was getting hungry.

Step 3: While my broccoli was steaming, I tossed a couple of pre-smoked chicken sausages in the microwave for about a minute. An alternative would have been to put them in the Carafe of the Mr Coffee and boil them like hot dogs for about 20 minutes…but like I said, I was hungry, and given that I have a microwave, I should make use of it.

A little salt and pepper looted from the hotel restaurant, along with a few mustard packets, and Voila! Steamed Veggies and Sausage, a more complex level of cooking in my hotel room and greater success.

Not quite great, but Truly, a Good Ingestion.


4 thoughts on “Hotel Cooking Adventures, Part 2

  1. I’m not sure if this is something I would rush into, but it’s an interesting concept. I found this project about renewable energy in everyday things. Thanks for writing 🙂

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